Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series X and S consoles

If you're interested in the newest generation of hardware, Microsoft's Xbox Series X and S are the Xbox One's successors. Although the S is considerably less expensive than Sony's lowest-priced PlayStation 5, the X is far more powerful.

Your choices and needs will determine which is ideal for you.

If performance is what means the most to you, the Xbox Series X technically offers the finest performance. The disc-free and significantly smaller Xbox Series S is a fantastic value, especially when you take into account Microsoft's excellent Game Pass subscription service, which includes all first-party games from the day of release. However, if it's just about the games, you prefer purchasing titles digitally, and you don't care about "true 4K gaming" (which won't matter to many people), then the Xbox One X is a better option.

Both versions support the same games, ranging from more recent titles like Life Is Strange: True Colors, Elden Ring, and Deathloop to well-known classics like Sea of Thieves that look better than ever on the Series X and S.

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